The following is my heart’s desire. This is what I aim to be. Yet, I am still very much a work in progress and don’t always hit the mark.

I believe it is wise to reflect on how you want to be thought of in the various areas of your life. We all have various ‘buckets’ that we fit in. My buckets may not look like yours, but I’m posting my Mission Statement below in hopes that it will inspire you to write one of your own.

As a believer, I am daily growing closer to my Lord. I listen, read, and learn more about Him each day.

As a wife, I am patient and supportive. I value our relationship. I deliberately spend time listening and conversing with my husband. We spend one-on-one time on a regular basis and we enjoy each other’s company.

As a mother, I am available for my children. We have strong, healthy relationships. I am someone they can each child is able to count on. I show them how much I love them and we laugh together often.

As an employee, I strive to always provide my very best work. I am focused and aware of how to best serve. I am a leader amongst my peers. I never stop learning about how to improve.

As a friend and a sibling, I make time to connect and value these relationships. I recognize the value of friendship. I am a good friend that listens and laughs as we live life together.

As a bookkeeper/treasurer, I am diligent, timely, and efficient. I am a woman of my word.

Overarching throughout these roles, I take care of myself and my health so that I am able to be the best me I can. I eat well, I exercise regularly, I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and I get adequate rest.

Do you have a mission statement? Can you see how creating one could be helpful as you can re-read it whenever you are feeling derailed or lost along life’s paths? I hope this simple exercise helps you.