Bookkeeping Services

Please note: I am NOT a CPA or an Accountant. I am a Bookkeeper. That means that I am happy to handle doing the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual grind work of keeping track of your bank and credit card accounts and then handing off the reports to your accountant for him/her to do their thing.

Do you recognize this?

In my first “real job” downtown, I was hired in as a receptionist. I know this ages me, but this job predated voicemail…let alone mobile phones. So, I literally spent most of my day answering the main line and transferring calls to the appropriate executive and/or writing down the phone message on a pink message pad and then make sure they received it when they got in the office. However, I was driven! And my drive was noticed by the owner of the real estate office. Goldie looked out for me and became a mentor. I moved up the ranks of the office quickly, going from Receptionist to Administrative Assistant (serving lower level Execs) to Executive Assistant (serving the C-Level folks) and even serving Goldie herself for a while. But, she knew I could do even more, so they made me the Office Manager (all this was taking place in less than 2 years). In the Office Manager role, I quickly taught myself how to calculate commissions, how to run the payroll, how to keep up with paying our vendors (A/P) and how to chase down money that was owed to us (A/R). I loved it! I took the office’s bookkeeping from a pencil and paper system to the computer and everyone thought I was amazing! 🙂 And, the books were just a portion of the responsibilities I held in that job. It was a wonderful season of my life. I felt so fulfilled.

I tell you that above to give you a peek into my work history, but also to allow you to see that I am likely just the type of person you want working with your books.

My ideal bookkeeping clients are entrepreneurs or small businesses. I like to serve those that are really hustling best. My main package costs $150/month and includes 4 hours of my work as well as a discounted subscription to Quickbooks online. Any time I spend above that time is billed at an hourly amount that we can agree upon when you sign your Agreement. I have found that most of my small clients do not have a need for more than the hour a week provided, except at year-end when I may also be processing 1099s and/or W2s for your staff.

I have limited availability so I kindly ask that you fill out and submit it to me and then choose a date/time for us to connect for a phone call so that we can discuss this further:

If you operate under your own name, just type N/A